Donald Chrzan


Reflexive Essay 1

What I know and don’t know about research. Discussing what I want to learn about results of formal studies in Educational Technology. (250 words, average, 4 good paragraphs would be excellent).

Although I studied research, as I recall, in both middle school and as an undergraduate student, I would have to say I don’t know much about the subject. I have completed eight years of university education and have done plenty of geographical and historical research but I would be hard pressed to define exactly what research is. I know good research should take an unbiased examination of a subject. It should be well documented and, if successful, should be repeatable under the same conditions. If you asked me right now to define research I would reply, “The objective analytical study of a subject to prove or disprove a hypothesis.”

Most of my past social studies research was to read and restate in writing what I had read. It was rare that I would critically analyze the research results of formal studies as I hope to do in this class for educational technology.

What I would like to learn about results of formal studies in Educational Technology is how to go about doing high-quality educational technology research. How to recognize poor, good, and excellent research. I would like to read, discuss, and evaluate some examples of research that are classics/must reads in the field of educational technology as well as get familiar with some of the more influential educational technology researchers. I want to become experienced at applying what I learn about results of formal studies in education technology to what I choose to do with my education credentials and I want to learn about some of the outside influences on educational technology research.


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